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The Second Wind, CHARLEVILLE, Cork

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Main Street & New Line
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The Four Winds Bar and Lounge is a landmark bar on the main street in Charleville, Co. Cork. The Four Winds has been a public house in Charleville for generations, through several different owners.

Back in the 1950’s the bar was a traditional front room type public house which was run by the Crowley family – long before it was known as "The Four Winds".

The current proprietor, Dan O’Brien, took ownership of the Four Winds in Late 2007 and over the past 4 years the establishment has undergone significant change with the addition of "The Second Wind" in 2010. The premises is now split into two discrete locations effectively now with the traditional lounge at the Four Winds and the new "Second Wind" bar and eatery located just off the main street.

The Four Winds Lounge is a warm and cosy local pub offering the finest pints and a warm and friendly atmosphere where conversation blossoms. The Second Wind offers something different with top class bar-food 7 days a week in a modern and vibrant setting. The Second Wind also caters for events of all sizes and is equipped with all the necessary sound and vision systems to make a meal, a sports event or a night on the town a very special occasion.

The menu in the Second Wind includes breakfast, Lunch, evening meals, and everything from gourmet sandwiches & Mexican Fajitas to your Angus Steak. With Charleville being one of the only towns that remain on the main artery from Cork –Limerick-Galway it is the ideal location for a pit-stop.

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