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Hairy Lemon, DUBLIN, Dublin

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41/42 Lower Stephen Street
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The enigmatic Hairy Lemon Pub was christened in memory of one of the city’s great characters who was a dog catcher in the 1950’s. He was reputed to boast a lemon shaped visage and a stubble of gooseberry like hair. This most enjoyable drinking establishment is just about as unconventional as it’s namesake. Even the 19th century house in which it resides is a little ‘outside-the-box’; with years of memorabilia a sitting room suspended in mid air, High Nellie’s, wellies and even Granny’s Kitchen, the block buster film ‘The Commitments’, lives on in the Hairy Lemon Pub. Many scenes were filmed using the snug and bar counter from the pub. Unknown to itself, the Hairy Lemon has become one of Dublin’s Trendiest Pubs. So…. “Here’s to the first drop-the one that destroys you; there’s no harm at all in the last”. Great food, service and a friendly atmosphere, but watch out for huge crowds at the weekends. Now Serving Breakfast! Monday to Friday: 9am to 12pm.

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