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Kitty Kiernans, DUBLIN, Dublin

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61 Collins Avenue West
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About Kitty Kiernans: 

Kitty Kiernans opened in Bay Ridge in 1996 and has been successfully serving the Bay Ridge community ever since. Owned and operated by James Keenaghan, originally from Dublin, Kitty's has become a landmark in the popular Brooklyn community. In a neighborhood famous for it's bars and restaurants Kitty Kiernans stands out for it's authentic Irish Pub look and feel and the excellent service provided by the bar staff.

Kittys opens MO-SA at 10:00 AM and Sun at Noon and always stays open until 4:00 AM The Pubs local landmark status was recently assured when Director Spike Lee chose Kittys to serve as one of his main location shots for the full feature film The 25th Hour. Kitty's peerless exterior, it's external view of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and its authentic Irish Pub interior made it the perfect choice from the film set in an Irish American community. The film stars Ed Norton who is spending his last night of freedom before serving a prison sentence and Brian Cox plays his father who owns the pub. The 25th Hour was release December 2002.

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