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O'connells, HOWTH, Dublin

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4 East Pier
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Opened in July 2012 by Simon O'Connell, the aim of the O'Connells family is to have a pub with a relaxed, friendly atmostphore where locals and visitors
can feel at home and enjoy a chat and a pint and we are lucky to have a great, friendly staff who we believe really help us to achieve this. The pub is on two levels. Food is served on both floors all day. Downstairs is where you can listen to live music at the weekends and enjoy the view. Upstairs the bar really rakes advantage of the fantastic views ver the harbour out to Ireland's Eye and Lambay Island in the distance. It is a popular spot for our famous cocktails in the
early evenings. Our pint has also become famous amoungst the local Guiness drinkers and we're delighted to say that we are said to serve "a great pint".

We take pride in the food we serve and we are very proud to have Kieron Flood a very experienced local chef with us. He is in contact with all our suppliers on a daily basis ensuring thta what he decides to service on any particular day is of the best quality and the freshest available. Our suppliers are as local as possible. Our fish is delivered daily by Dorans on the West Pier ensuring that you are getting the freshest fish and shellfish. When it is availabe all our beef comes from Lambay Island, the second island you see from the windows of O'Connells, and is supplied by Ray Collier our local butcher here in Howth. We have also recently taken over an allotment in Howth Village and we are looking forward to serviinhg you with the vegetables, berries and herbs which we have planted. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals on the land and can't wait for the our first crops to be served here.

Please enjoy your visit to us. It is our absolute hope that is is an enjoyable one and each and every one of us thank you very much for your custom.

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