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The White House, THE WARD, Dublin

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About The White House: 

Once known as “The Red Lion,” this establishment has been in operation since 1620. It is situated on the former N2, the old road from Dublin through Ashbourne and on to Derry and Donegal in the North of Ireland. (Now known as the R135)
It lies within easy reach of the M50 motorway and of Dublin City centre. Dublin Airport is in view.
A regular public bus service operates between the city centre and Ashbourne, four miles to the north of the White House.
Park & Fly facilities are available also, with free transport provided to and from the airport.
The building is steeped in history; much of the original structure, survives and had been integrated into the present modern building.
The archway in the centre of the lounge bar deserves special mention. It was once the entrance to the courtyard of The Red Lion. It has been faithfully preserved.

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