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Samuel Beckett Theatre, TRINITY COLLEGE, Dublin

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The Samuel Beckett Theatre, named after one of the most innovative playwrights of the 20th century, was opened in 1992 to celebrate the quatercentenary of Trinity College Dublin. It is the campus theatre of the University's Department of Drama, a constituent part of School of Drama, Film and Music. During University term time it showcases the work of the Department and its courses, while outside term time it hosts visits from some of the most prestigious dance and theatre companies from Ireland and abroad.

Regular events at the Samuel Beckett Theatre include performances within the Dublin Theatre Festival, the Dublin Fringe Festival and the Dublin Dance Festival.

The Samuel Beckett Centre, the building in which the Theatre is situated, also houses the Department of Drama offices, seminar room and rehearsal studio, along with Players Theatre, the studio theatre of Dublin University Players, Trinity's student drama society.

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