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Krcma, GALWAY, Galway

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163 Upper Salthill
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About Krcma: 

Krcma (pronounced Krutch Ma) opened it's doors in 2005. For all you who are wondering, the name translates to English as Pub. As we are not familiar with Slovakian Pubs we can't tell you if it matches up but the owners are Slovakian and the food menu is suitably eastern European. Krcma has carved out a successful niche for itself attracting not only foreigners living in Galway but also curious locals who have grown to like the place. Krcma bills itself as a bar and restaurant with the menu being mostly eastern European. The dishes are hearty and the prices are good value.

The Pub itself is big with multiple levels. Many will remember some of the previous pubs that have operated here such as Scruffy Duffy's. There are two pool tables which are becoming more of a rarity these days in Galway Pubs. Large gigs such as reggae and house music nights often take place at Krcma and the size means they can easily accomodate large crowds.

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