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An Cheibh, ROSSAVEAL, Galway

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+353 (0)91 572 207
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Tigh Terry (An Chéibh)Welcome / FáilteComfortable rooms at a reasonable price.An Chéibh Hotel All our rooms are en-suite, Rossaveal harbour and the ferry to the Aran Islands are just two minutes drive from the hotel and parking here is free. Irish is the main language spoken here in Connemara, but most people are bilingual so there is no problem communicating with the locals.The Hotel Public bar is called Tigh Terry and has various entertainment, including live music at the weekends, darts, pool and Texas Holdem Poker. We also have two large screen TV’s with Sky TV and wireless internet at no charge.Rossaveal is a great spot to base your holiday with lots of great scenery close by, also being in the Gaelteacht you get a realistic Irish experience. Click here to see photographs of the area.To book a room or for more information please call +353 (0) 91 572 207 or email us

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