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Finn's Bar & Restaurant, TUAM, Galway

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Bannagher, Milltown
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About Finn's Bar & Restaurant: 

John and Lucy Finn's attractive restaurant is on the river, in a charming little award-winning tidy town a few miles north of Tuam - a welcome sight for hungry travellers between Galway and Sligo. John cooks an eclectic mix of international (cajun chicken, stir-fried beef with pepper sauce) and traditional (smoked salmon chowder, steaks, honey roasted duck) dishes - reasonably priced and served in a relaxed atmosphere.
The cooking is sound, it's good value for money and the small village setting - where everyone seems to know someone at another table - makes a welcome change from busy towns. On the down side, bookings are not accepted, which is a major disadvantage when diners may travel specially to eat here and then have the inconvenience of a long wait for a table.

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