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John B Keane, LISTOWEL, Kerry

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37 William Street
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John B Keane's is not just a pub , it's a play in itself. Here at the counter, after closing time,John B Keane wrote his many masterpieces. John B's is arguably Irelands most famous pub and the literary tradition continues. John B's son Billy is a renowned writer and broadcaster. Billy runs the pub now and so the story has another chapter.

Fun prevails here. There's plenty of talk and no pretension.

This is a family pub and John B's widow Mary at 84 still works behind the bar.

Pub theatre takes place in the summer and Mickey Mc Connell , the singer song writer performs in the pub every Sunday night. Mickey is the composer of Only our Rivers Run Free and a host of hits.You'd never know who would drop in. It could be a Nobel prize winner or a small farmer thirsty after tough days work in the meadow.

Talk and wit are standard in this haven of civilization.

'John B's is and always will be our living room ,with beer ',says Billy.

This little pub with the the posters of John B's hit plays on the wall is an unfolding drama.

Call in and play your part.

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