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Fishermans Inn, BALLYBRITTAS, Laois

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About Fishermans Inn: 

The Fisherman's Thatched Inn is located on an ancient crossroads on what was once the main highway between Tara (home to the High Kings of Ireland) and Cashel. It is actually recorded that St. Patrick himself travelled this road in 450 A.D.
The Fisherman’s is located next to the Grand Canal, which served as the main means of transport for the Guinness Boats in the 19th century. The Fisherman's is also proud to be part of the Irish Whiskey Trail and it scores quite highly with its choice of whiskeys. It has about 40 different types, including Scotch and Japanese. But its not all stout and whiskey as Sean can also mix a mean cocktail or two..try a Skinny Lizard!
And it seems whiskey is not the only spirit in The Fishermans.
There have been numerous reports of a ghostly figure lurking around the old fireplace late at night. With people reporting Orb like images showing up on photos taken at the Pub, Sean is taking no chances. He has had the Pub blessed by a priest, and paranormal investigators have carried out a number of tests.
Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) nothing sinister has been found to date.

The pub from the outside is deceptively small - once inside, be prepared to navigate at various stages of the evening through the main bar, Fisherman's bar, party/disco function room and pool room. It is the ideal venue for any party or celebration.

The Fisherman’s opens around 6-7pm weekdays, 2pm on a Saturday and 12.30pm on a Sunday.
Most Tuesday nights you can enjoy a true Traditional Irish music session played by talented local musicians.

The Fisherman’s Thatched Inn, sure where else would you get it!

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