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The Sibin, DUNSHAUGHLIN, Meath

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Main Street
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About The Sibin: 

The word “Síbín” originated in Ireland between 1780–90. It referred to home brewed whiskey which was then sold illegally and soon came to refer to unlicensed premises that sold alcohol.

With the mass emigration from Ireland in the 1800’s the term soon spread to the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and to Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa where the term remains in use to this day.

The Sibin was essentially the forerunner to the now ubiquitous Irish pub. Originally operated illegally they sold home brewed and home distilled alcohol and providing Irish emigrants and their descendants with a place to meet, reminisce of “the old sod” and enjoy a bit of music and “craic” while discussing their new lives abroad and what they had let behind.

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