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Darkey Kelly's Bar at Harding Hotel, DUBLIN, Dublin

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Ground Floor & Basement Level At 12&12a(formerly 11&12), 13/14/15 Fishamble St & 1 Copper Alley
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About Darkey Kelly's Bar at Harding Hotel: 

Darkey Kelly’s bar takes its name from a colorful character from Dublin’s past and she would certainly approve of the “craic” and music enjoyed in the bar every weekend from traditional Irish music and ballads from the Irish Celts to more modern contemporary songs.

Most nights there is something interesting going on in the bar but there is always space to find a quiet corner to have relaxing time too if need be.

A vast selection of Irish and European craft beers, plus a wonderful stock of up to 50 Irish favorite and aged whiskeys, gorgeous cocktails and fine food all make Darkey’s a firm favorite with locals as well as visitors to the city so whether it be to start off a night or for the final nightcap Darkey Kelly’s bar is the place to visit during your stay in the Harding Hotel.

Like the rest of the Harding Hotel the hotel bar offers FREE Wi-Fi and we also offer a resident’s bar for our guests.

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